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Would you like to know more about your dietary needs? Are you interested in improving your lifestyle and health? Come to Norris Chiropractic Center - Larry Norris DC and explore multiple educational wellness programs that are designed specifically for you.

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  • Lifestyle tips

  • Nutrition wellness

  • Weight management

  • Wellness counseling

  • Dietician references

Available wellness programs

Improve your overall well-being with our patient education programs. Learn about dietary needs, weight management, and lifestyle tips that are designed according to your health and requirements.


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Add health to your life

When you come to Norris Chiropractic Center - Larry Norris DC, you'll receive much more than just affordable chiropractic treatments. Take the opportunity to explore our various patient education programs that are designed to improve your life. Call us at 269-324-3131 to sign up.

Beneficial Wellness Training

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